Appointment Scheduler for Multiple Locations

Easily manage all the places you and your staff take appointments
Organize multiple locations and see your calendar availability

Organize all your locations on one account

Each of your locations comes with their own schedule organizer so you can have flexible availability at any office or virtual space you work out of. Whether you take appointments in person or over the phone, you can customize your working hours however you’d like and start booking there immediately.

Once you put in your schedule at your different locations, you’ll be able to see at a glance when you’re available where. Your clients can click through your scheduler and choose which location is most convenient for them. We’ll filter out the appointment times so that they only see time slots pertinent to the location they choose.

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Adjustable Calendar Displays with our Appointment Manager

The hardest thing about managing multiple locations is getting a good view on what’s going on where. With TimeTap, you can color code your calendar by location or staff to get a quick view of who is doing what at any given time. No one ever said appointment management had to be difficult, you just gotta tap into it.

Appointment management for your locations

Manage the appointments at all of your locations

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Simplified Scheduling at Every Location

We make managing your appointments at your different locations easy on all of your staff whether you have a physical location or plan to hold a conference on Skype.

No two locations are alike

Each location you add can have its own availability. Unlike other scheduling softwares, you don’t have to conform to one schedule to fit in both locations nor do you have to switch between two accounts in order to manage them. Set up your schedule for each location and we’ll be sure to handle the rest.

Include Physical or Virtual locations

Some businesses take appointments in person. Other businesses take appointments over Skype. Some businesses take them both ways (who are we to judge?). We make it simple to add all the different places where you meet with clients and will adapt to your locations needs based on whether it is a physical or virtual meeting spot.

Efficient scheduling for Skype meetings and more

Easy time zone adjustment

Time zones are a royal pain in any appointment-driven business’s rear. If you have one physical location and one virtual location to service your different client base, you know how hard it is to get the time right for the people who want to connect with you over the phone.

TimeTap handles all that logic for you by customizing the appointment times for the client in their time zone and for you based on where you’re going to be taking the appointment.

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Easy time zone adjustment for multiple locations

Multiple Location FAQs

That’s fine! We have tons of in-home service providers that use our software. We actually don’t count this as a location that you get charged for. We will store the client’s location on their profile and just collect the information from the client when they are booking so that you’ll be aware of where the appointment will take place.

TimeTap accounts all come with 1 location for you to schedule appointments at. Each additional location costs $5/month in our TimeTap Plus account. Our TimeTap Free account is limited to just 1 location. For full details on the cost of the TimeTap Plus plan, please visit our pricing page.

You can have as many locations as you’d like to have on your TimeTap Plus account. Each location can have as many appointments scheduled per month as you would like. They can also each have their own schedule of availability and can exist in different time zones.

Not a problem! You will set up each location individually so they can each have their own schedule of availability. Once you’ve set up the availability for the staff that can accept appointments at that location, you’ll see in the location’s profile an overview of who is available when.

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