Internationalization & Translations

Multiple language support for online scheduling

Show messages to your clients based on their language preferences

Maybe you're a business that has some clients who are English speakers and some clients who are Spanish speakers. Or perhaps you are a business that has operations in multiple countries which have different primary languages and different ways of formatting dates and times. Whatever your situation is, you need to make sure that your booking site supports all of your clientele.

Choose the languages you'd like for your scheduler to support and supply us with the translations you'd like to show. We'll take care of reading your clients preferences and showing them the messages, dates, and times of the appointment in the way that will make language barriers a thing of the past.

Customize your online scheduling for different locales
Choose which languages your account accommodates

Provide translations for any and all languages

Whether your serve clients across only a couple of languages or across dozens of languages, you'll get the support and access you need to accommodate them while scheduling. Simply choose your base account language and what additional languages you support. When clients reach your scheduling page, the translation that matches their preferences will show to them to reduce confusion and get them through the booking flow faster.

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Internationalize to the timezones your clients are using

TimeTap supports multiple timezones and automatically makes sure that all appointment times show dependant on where they are being viewed. We then take it one step further to make sure that your clients are never curious about what timezone the appointment they book falls in!

Say a client in a different timezone than your main office books an appointment in yet another timezone: we will make sure they get all the times based on their location and can get to that appointment on time. So if they do show up late, you can be sure that you are blameless.

Support clients across every timezone around the world

Choose a web scheduler that will work for all your clients

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Pinpoint the parts of your scheduler that need translations

Set up what content gets translated

Sometimes you don’t want to translate all the text on your site-maybe an idiom that you are using will get lost in translation, maybe you want a particular phrase to show in English no matter where it is viewed, or maybe you just think that a certain line should never get changed. Whatever the case may be, with our internationalizations feature you have complete control over how the content on your site appears to clients.

Translate the content of the emails you send

So you have all the content on your web scheduler set up to translate into a few other select languages, but you realize that you will also need to translate your communications with your internationational clients after they book their appointment. What can you do?

TimeTap not only allows you to translate all the content on your web scheduler, we also have a easy way for you to translate the invitations and other emails you send out. We do this by automatically translating any tags included to the translations you have already set up on your account.


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