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Service clients around the world without having to worry about translating appointment times
Book appointments efficiently

Manage your schedule more efficiently

Capitalize on three precious gifts: time, energy, and choice.

Client relationships can sputter & fail quickly with bad communication. When clients book online with you, you ensure that email confirmations and reminders go out with the correct time for all parties.

TimeTap adjusts for your international clients & provides clear-cut appointment times. Personalized communication that recognizes your clients’ timezones can put your clients at ease & make them feel like they’re being catered to.

Make sure your online scheduling system follows the basic ground rules for good client relations by communicating appointment times relevant to them.

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Auto-Detect Time Zones

It’s easy to accommodate for your clients right next door, but handling clients across the country is a whole different ballgame. Take advantage of free scheduling that detects & adjusts appointment times based on you & your client’s timezone differences.

Staff Override Controls

When your client moves locations, you can go in & update their timezones so that all future emails reflect their new home address.

Look Good Effortlessly

Having a scheduler that auto-detects your client’s timezone helps you avoid the pitfalls and mishaps that come from multi-tasking and trying to satisfy too many people at once.

Communicate Times Clearly

Not having to customize every email based your client's specific time zone gives you a sense of control over your schedule. Don’t let appointment times get lost in translation.

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Scheduling system with timezone adjustment

Let Clients See Appointment Slots in their Time Zone

It’s the internet age and your clients have gone global. That’s fantastic! But it can make for a really confusing dialogue determining what time you want to have your meetings. With TimeTap’s auto-detect timezone features, all communications and displays will be adjusted for the client’s timezone so it’s easy to find mutually convenient appointment slots.

Create online schedules for your virtual meetings

Works Perfectly with Virtual Meeting Spaces

As a service provider who meets with clients on the phone or on Skype, you know the importance of starting a meeting on time in case of technical difficulties. With online scheduling software, your appointment start times won’t get confused. No matter if you’re in Boston talking to a client in Copenhagen, we’ll get make sure everyone’s got the right time on their calendar.

Manage time with online appointment booking

Balance Your Business Needs with Technology

If you’re looking to expand your client base & grow your business, online scheduling is a must. New wiz-bang technologies come out every day, but not all of them are built to help your business succeed. Taking appointments online uses technology to meet your business growth goals while reducing the time spent managing your schedule.

Bring a greater sense of organization & calm to your business.

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