Open RESTful API

Connect your TimeTap account to a 3rd party application through our Open RESTful API
Let TimeTap + Google Maps calculated the distance between your appointments

Create custom queries for your in-house dashboard

If your team maintains in-house metrics or dashboard displays, you can make calls to any of TimeTap’s appointment APIs to fill in your dashboard based on what you have going on that day. You can easily overlay data with complimentary information used for any of your other systems.

Update client information based on external data

Maintaining multiple client databases can be time consuming, but with TimeTap’s API you can easily update client information from an external program and post those updates to TimeTap by referencing the client's ID in your update call.

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Add different types of appointments to best fit your clients’ needs

TimeTap allows you to customize your clients’ experiences by allowing the creation of services, classes, and courses, all of which offer different staff, location, and time constraints to best fit your needs.

Create & update appointment reasons through the API

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Using the API is simple to get started and maintain

Simple to learn and use

Don’t know an API from an ape? Don’t worry! TimeTap automates most of its API functions to allow you to concentrate on running your business. If you don’t want to expand your knowledge, however, we offer full documentation of our APIs to make their use as easy as possible, and you can reach out to us if you have any questions.

Get public and private keys for API connection

Generate Public & Private API keys

On our business level accounts, you will receive a dedicated private API key that you can use to retrieve or update information. An API key is an encrypted string of alphanumeric characters that is used to identify the account making a call to the API. As part of your account setup process, you will be given two different keys: a public one and a private one. Your API keys are used to track all API requests associated with your project for quota and billing purposes.

Get public and private keys for API connection

Build custom workflows using our APIs

Our open RESTful APIs are built to suit you. We provide easy access to our interface to allow you to use our product in whatever way best suits your needs. This flexibility is what makes us so sure that once you start using TimeTap, you will never need to use any other providers.

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