Custom Booking Sites

Create customizable booking pages to fill your business’ schedule
Create custom booking sites for any combination of your staff, locations, and services

Booking Sites for Your Services, Classes, Staff & Locations

Each of the services, classes, staff profiles & locations you add to your TimeTap account comes with its own personal booking site. So if a staff member wants to link to their specific scheduler instead of the general scheduler for your business, they can direct clients there easily.

You can add links to all of booking sites right onto your website using our dedicated URLs, or simply embed the scheduler on a page that is already up. If you have a different page on your website for each of your staff members, you can place “Book Now” buttons on those pages to direct clients to each of your staff member’s private booking pages.

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Keep People on your Site

You’ve worked hard on your business’s website and created a great image for your brand-your clients shouldn’t have to go a totally different site in order just to schedule an appointment with you. Embed a scheduler right on your site to keep your clients there longer.

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Add a "Book Now" Tab To Your Social Media Pages

If your company is thriving on social media platforms like Facebook or Tumblr, it’s easy to add a “Book Now” tab to your business pages. When your fans & followers visit one, they will now be able to select the option to “Book Now” at the click of a mouse. And if you aren’t the best at handling social media, just follow our simple step-by-step instructions.

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Customize your Booking Site

Like the idea of having a web scheduler built for your business, but worried that clients won’t be able to tell whose site it is? Make sure your booking site is consistent with your company brand by altering the background colors and even upload that cool logo you just had made for your company!

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Include a Scheduler on your Landing Page

It doesn’t matter if your business runs a deal once a week or once a year, you can embed private schedulers for all your promotional services right on your promo landing pages. With more targeted action items on your landing page, you’ll provide greater clarity in your promotions and convert more visitors into clients.

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Share Links to your Custom Booking Site

A custom booking site is available for your general business as well as for all your different services, classes, staff, and locations, and each one you make comes with its own dedicated URL. You can then share the URLs with your clients easily via email.

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Create as many Unique Custom Booking Sites as You Want

You can not only create different sites for all of the different services your business offers, but we allow you to make each site truly distinct by switching up the order that clients view the booking panels, editing the text that appears on your welcome screen, or even skipping that welcome screen altogether.