Complete Client Management

Don’t add to your client management challenges. Our software can help you keep track of your clients.
Easily manage client relations

Customize your Clients’ Profiles

Don’t settle for client profiles that don’t let you add the information you want

Your business doesn’t need the same information from your clients as Joe’s business needs. You have a personal relationship with each of your clients and your scheduler should keep up with that.

With TimeTap, you can customize your client profiles with whichever fields you care to capture. You can either have clients fill out these fields upon booking or leave them for your staff to fill out after the appointment is complete.

It’s easy and personalized so clients feel like their booking with your business, not just filling out standard forms.

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Simplify your client management

Our client intake forms help you to stay organized and keep track of client details. No matter the specific needs of your business, you can store your clients’ information on their profiles so you’re not asking over & over for information.

Keep Detailed Client Notes

Make better use of the time you have with clients. Take private notes on your discussions or share your feedback in a follow up email.

Automated Email Reminders

Without a confirmation email, clients never feel 100% sure that they’re really on your schedule. Send confirmations automatically & put your clients at ease.

Make Relationships Personal

Easily read through your past notes before meeting with a client again so you can recall the small details that make a big difference.

Clients can Reschedule on Their Own

With a web scheduler customized for your business, clients will be able to book online and make changes to their appointment without having to involve you at all.

Manage a Large Client Base

As your business grows, so will your client list. With TimeTap, there's no limit on the number of clients you can just keep on growing.

Build Trust & Establish Rapport

Choose which staff members can view certain clients’ information. This decreases client poaching and builds trust between clients and their respective staff.

Give clients autonomy with 24/7 appointment booking

No more client hand-holding

Your clients have so much going on during the day that often they can’t get around to setting appointments until after your office is closed. Give your clients the autonomy to book 24/7 based on the criteria you’ve set.

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Be the provider your clients choose with email reminders

Be the provider your client’s want to pick

Establish trust with your clients by keeping information private between them & the staff member they see. Track your conversations with clients & show how much you care by staying up to date with what’s going on in their personal lives.

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Schedule from mobile devices

For those moments when your clients aren’t near a computer, our responsive scheduler offers appointment scheduling for smartphones & tablets. Clients can simply visit your TimeTap scheduling page and see the scheduler reformat to fit their device.

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