Appointment Confirmations & Texts

Send notifications, updates, & reminders about appointments at the right time, every time
Have more free time with automatic email reminders

Your Free Time will SkyRocket

Stop staying late at the office to send out reminders for next-day appointments

Complete a full work day in fewer hours by automating those time-consuming tasks like confirmation emails, reminders, and follow-ups. You’ll have a lot of worry-free time because your online scheduling system knows exactly what your “next actions” are and does them promptly.

Now, you won't have to stay late at the office to send confirmations, reminders, follow up notes to the clients in your appointment book. It’s like having an admin who never complains and never takes a sick day.

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Appointment times that display in respective timezones

Are you in New York but your client's in San Francisco? No problem. We'll send you the appointment in Eastern time & show it to him in Pacific.

Automatic timezone adjustment in confirmation emails

Automate appointment notifications & reminders.

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Automate Messaging throughout the Appointment Process

Online Scheduling Software takes the burden of sending confirmation emails, reminders, & follow-ups off your shoulders.

Prompt Clients to Book

Send a welcome message each time you add new clients to let them know where they can book with you. Tell clients your mini website web address & how to login to manage their appointments.

Confirm Their Appointments

Clients get anxious when they don't get immediate confirmation about their appointment. With your TimeTap online scheduling system, confirmations go out as soon as their appointment is booked.

Friendly Reminder Emails & Texts

No need to make a phone call here. Deliver appointment reminders straight to clients' inboxes & reduce your no show rate. You can set when you'd like reminders to go out so clients have enough heads up to cancel or reschedule if needed.

Follow Up with Thank You Notes

Follow up emails let you touch clients after their appointment & remind them how grateful you are for their business. TimeTap makes it easy for you to be a business that remembers clients even after their purchase whether their appointment's for a meeting, session, or any other reason.

Send No-Show Notices

It's inevitable: people forget, accidents happen, and some clients just don't show up. When it happens, you can send a no show notice to encourage them to book another appointment.

Send Cancellation Announcements

Not feeling your best & need to take a sick day? It's simple to send your clients a cancellation note or reschedule them for another time so you can get back to getting well.

Have custom email templates for reminder messages

Customize your templates to match your brand

Put your own language & instructions on all your appointment emails & texts

Your business has a unique voice. Keeping that voice consistent helps your clients to trust your brand and ultimately promote it.

Each of the appointment emails & texts that send out from your account can be customized to match the tone of your brand and to provide clients with important details around their scheduled booking.

You can also customize the email footer for each of your staff members. Include contact information, links to their private schedulers, or just a short bio.

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Keep track of emails & texts easily

View all of the emails or texts that are sent to your staff or clients right from within your account.

If a client ever complains that she didn’t receive her reminder text, you can look in your account and see the text that was sent to her. Can’t find an email in your inbox that was sent out? No worries, re-sending emails is easy too.

Plus, all of our email templates are mobile responsive. So whether your clients open your emails on their phone, tablet, or desktops, your appointment notifications will display flawlessly!

Send notifications about appointments at the right time, every time.

Get a web scheduler on your site today! Start your 14-day free trial. No credit card required.

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